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Hidden Costs of a Move
Be on the look out for those hidden costs when moving

What will it really cost?

Planning makes a difference when you move. If you’ve decided to pack and move yourself, you’ve probably already estimated the costs for the boxes, the rental truck and possibly for hired movers. So that you don’t break the bank, though, be on the lookout for these possible hidden costs.

          Just a few more boxes!!!
          Take into account these less obvious costs of packing and loading.

  1. What if you run out of boxes or tape on that very last day of packing? Or maybe forgot that hand truck?
  2. Even if you get a package deal on packing and moving supplies, anything you have to buy, piecemeal or rent at the last minute may cost more than expected. Also, hired movers may have to stand around and wait [and continue to be paid] until you return with the needed supplies.
  3. If you’re taking time off from work to pack your goods, load and drive the truck, unload and unpack you’re losing income or vacation time.
  4. Food is tremendously appreciated by all workers and can make a big difference in morale. Consider offering something for morning or lunch [doesn’t have to be much] also, having water available throughout the day is a great help.
  5. You may need cash on hand if you decide to tip your mover when the job is completed.

But wait… there’s more!!!
Under certain adverse conditions, you may incur these additional costs.

  1. Hourly paid packers and movers may work more slowly to squeeze yet another hour.
  2. Packers paid by the job may tend to rush, putting your belongings in jeopardy. Fragile items may get broke, furniture may get damaged and items may get reassembles poorly, incorrectly or not at all.
  3. Even with the best intensions, friends may not handle your possessions as carefully as you may like. As a result, you could incur costs unnecessarily for damaged items not covered by insurance.
  4. Damages to the home you are moving from may occur such as: marred floors, stained carpets or gouges in the walls. New owners or landlords may want compensation to repair such damages.
  5. You or one of your helpers may get hurt and require medical attention that may require costly therapy.